Polices and Procedures


Tuition is due by the 20th of the month prior to attendance (i.e. October’s tuition is due on September 20th.) Tuition is charged on a flat monthly rate. Full tuition will be charged regardless of the following:

  • Class is cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions
  • Class in not held due to a holiday or school vacation
  • Your child misses a class for any reason

If you choose to pull your child for any reason we require a 30 day written notice. Phone calls are not acceptable. You are responsible for 30 days worth of tuition from the time we receive the notice. You may email us, or pick up a drop form at the front desk. It must placed in the tuition box, not given to a teacher. This policy is in effect 30 days before school starts. If you chose  to re-enroll your child, we will do our best to find an open place in the same class, or one similar; however, we cannot guarantee it. There will be a $10 re-enrollment fee.

We follow the Davis County Traditional School Schedule. If there is no school, there is no class. The only exception to this is our first day of school, which is the day after Labor Day; and our last day of school, which is the Wednesday & Thursday before Memorial weekend begins.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Please use caution when pulling in and out of the school parking lot and only go 5 miles an hour. You must park in a legal Parking Stall before entering the building.

We cannot accommodate children more than 5 minutes before or after school. Please contact us as soon as possible if an emergency arises that will prevent you from picking up your child on time. Our phone number is 444-3535. (Note: This does not negate your late pick up fee if you are more than 10 minutes late.) If your child is left after school for 10 minutes or more, you will be accessed a $10 late pick up fee. You will need to pay this fee when your child returns to class.

If you need to check your child out of class for any reason, you will be required to provide a driver’s license or photo ID. Only parent’s and those indicated on the child’s release form will be allowed to check your child out of school.

Severe Weather Policy

There are times when school may be canceled due to inclement weather. If school is cancelled for the day, we will send an email to notify you. If, during the day, weather factors dictate school closure earlier than the regularly scheduled time, we will notify you. We must have your current email and at least two emergency contacts for your child along with their numbers.

Injury and Illness

Tiffiny’s Flower Box Preschool Inc. will not be responsible for injuries sustained as a result of participating in school or extra-curricular activities. We strive to provide a safe and fun atmosphere, however, accidents may happen. We will inform you of any injuries that we become aware of during a class. We do not offer make-up classes if your child misses a class. If your child is ill please keep him/her home. It is not fair to other students or our teachers to be around an ill child. If your child is dropped off ill we will notify you immediately to come and get him/her (this includes all coughs and runny noses).

Lost Articles

Please label your child’s shoes, bag, coat, etc! We will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please check the lost and found box at the front desk. Any items not claimed at the end of each term will be taken to good will.