About Our School

Our students get to travel to five different rooms each day at preschool. They get to keep the same teacher and group of friends. Traveling to different rooms helps keep the children’s attention, and each room provides a different activity and theme! Each week has a theme, and we do a weekly show and tell that goes along with our theme! Parents will be given a calendar at the beginning of each month to let them know what each week’s theme is.

farm roon


Farm Home Room

This is where our students begin and end their day. We start with an opening prayer, calendar, and the Pledge of Allegiance. This is also where we learn our math and English skills.






Arts and Science Room

This is where we create crafts to go along with the theme of the week and do our science experiments. Our four year old preschool classes will also do hands on cooking twice a month. Get ready to bring home some wonderful creations!




sea room


Under the Sea Music Room

Our students have two singing programs a year, one in January and another in May. We learn about safety from “The Safety Kids” and learn  values such as love, patience, kindness, and respect. We also explore the sounds of different musical instruments.




Jungle Room



Jungle Story Room

In our story room we read books that go along with the week’s theme. We do a scripture story and introduce our students to basic Spanish.




big room


Big Room

Our Big Room is designed to help the children gain large motor skills in group and individual play. It’s also great to get the ‘wiggles’ out!







In-House Field Trips 

We also include in-house field trips. We have a fire safety field trip, where the children learn about firemen and paramedics. we also encourage the children’s parents to share their jobs and experiences with our classes.